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Psychotherapy · Couples Counselling
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In the heart of Basel near Barfüsserplatz

Psychotherapie Basel


In case of panic, depression, obsession/compulsion etc.

Psychotherapy helps you understand and cope with your problems. Psychotherapy is the treatment of a mental disorder and is reimbursed by health insurance if it is prescribed by a physician (e.g., general practitioner).

If you are not suffering from a mental illness, our service of coaching / psychological counseling covers support in difficult life situations, assistance in achieving goals, and personal development.

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Paartherapie Basel

Couples counseling

In case of estrangement, infidelity, communication problems, etc.

Couples therapy helps you to identify the challenges in your relationship and to find solutions.

The impartial external perspective of an appreciative couple therapist offers the safe framework in which an open discussion is possible without injuries taking place.

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Neurofeedback Basel


For ADHD, anxiety, pain, sleep problems, etc.

Neurofeedback helps your brain to acquire better self-regulation. Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive and sustainable alternative to psychotropic drugs.

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Coaching Basel

Coaching / Psychological counseling

Smoking cessation, decision-making, etc.

Coaching helps you to recognize your potential and to achieve your goals. This is usually related to topics such as the goal of quitting smoking.

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Coaching helps you to realize your potentialpsychological counseling is a support in demanding life situations where emotional, psychological or interpersonal challenges have to be overcome.

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy cannot be clearly separated; psychological counseling is usually of a shorter duration and is used where there is no mental illness according to diagnostic criteria.

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Our treatments are carried out according to the current standards and best practices. Qualified therapists take care of your needs and offer you a safe and confidential environment.

We are also there for you if something does not go according to your wishes. Your well-being and satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, the management is available to you as a neutral, discreet and benevolent contact point in the event that a conflict or distrust should arise between you and the therapist.