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Stop Smoking
Find the courage to
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Smoking Cessation Basel

After capturing your smoking habits and any previous attempts to quit smoking, we present options on how you can quit smoking permanently and definitively.

Professional Support for Your Success

Research has shown that even minimal therapeutic support significantly increases your chances of success. Tailored to your individual wishes and needs, we will compile a suitable support offer for you.

Professional support offers the following advantages:

  • Individually tailored treatment plans
  • Structured support throughout the entire process
  • Motivation and reinforcement of your determination
  • Effective management of withdrawal symptoms

An Individual and Holistic Approach

When quitting smoking, it is important to consider your individual needs and challenges. We help you develop the approach that suits you. In a safe and supportive environment, you can express your thoughts and fears. Conscious awareness helps you face and overcome fears, enabling you to activate the resources needed for a successful smoking cessation.

Long-Term Support and Relapse Prevention

Our support does not end after quitting smoking. We also offer long-term support and relapse prevention to ensure that you can maintain your smoke-free future. Together, we develop strategies to cope with temptations and solidify your newly gained smoke-free lifestyle in the long run.

Ready for the First Step?

If you choose to embark on the path to smoking cessation with a professional, your chances of success are significantly higher. We look forward to accompanying you on the journey to a smoke-free life.

Questions and Answers

Smoking cessation therapy or coaching refers to professional support and guidance in quitting smoking.

Smoking cessation therapy can help plan smoking cessation, develop strategies to cope with withdrawal symptoms, and prevent relapses.

We use cognitive-behavioral approaches, motivation enhancement, and behavior change techniques.

The duration may vary, but typically, smoking cessation therapy involves multiple sessions over several weeks or months.

No, smoking cessation therapy can be suitable for smokers of any severity and provide individually tailored support.

Smoking cessation therapy or coaching can be considered if you have the desire to quit smoking and need professional support on your journey.