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Lukas Hatt

M. Sc. Psychology
Federal recognized Psychotherapist

Lukas Hatt
  • M. Sc. Psychology, Uni Basel
  • Federal recognized Psychotherapist
  • Specialized Psychologist for Psychotherapy FSP

Lukas obtained his Master of Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy with a focus on "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" at PSP (Postgraduate Programs in Psychotherapy, University of Basel) from 2010-2018. He has been active in several practices (Psychiater Luzern AG, GAP Praxis Basel, Praxis am Kirschgarten, Med. Zentrum Geissberg, and University Hospital Basel). Since this year, he has taken over the professional management of Praxis CareTeam AG.

Lukas' approach is based on evidence-based methods of psychology as a science. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy methods, mindfulness-based methods, relaxation techniques (e.g., PMR according to Jacobson), and psychoeducation. Psychoeducation involves conveying explanatory models, thought patterns, and behaviors.

Transparency in the working method, openness, and empathy are his fundamental values. But the active participation of patients is also important to him. Sustainable improvement requires openness and participation from patients who shape the course of therapy.