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Costs & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

  • Free Cancellation: Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed-upon time.
  • Last-Minute Cancellations: For cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment, half the rate will be charged.
  • No Show without Prior Cancellation: If you fail to appear for the appointment without prior notice, the full rate will be charged.

Coverage through Basic Insurance

In the case of a diagnosable mental illness, the costs are covered by mandatory health insurance, provided the patient has a prescription from a doctor. There are two ordering models:

  • Regular Prescription
    This prescription (ordering track A) can be prescribed by general practitioners (family doctors), psychiatrists, and psychosomatics (SAPPM). A prescription includes 15 sessions.
  • Crisis Intervention
    This prescription (ordering track B) can be prescribed by any doctor and includes 10 sessions.

With a valid prescription, psychotherapy can be carried out according to health insurance regulations. We invoice this at the officially provided rate of CHF 154.80 per hour.

Coverage through Supplementary Insurance

Some services may be covered by the supplementary insurance of health insurance companies. There are significant differences between insurers. Individual clarification is required in any case.

Since the change in the legal basis for the ordering model (formerly delegation model), there are health insurance companies that will only pay psychologists or psychotherapists through supplementary insurance if they have not applied for authorization from basic insurance (assignment of a ZSR number).

The difference between psychologists and psychotherapists lies in their further education. After a university degree, there is a federally recognized further education to become a psychotherapist, which entitles billing through the basic insurance of health insurance. All other further education and specialized training (e.g., couples therapy, trauma therapy) do not fall into this category. Psychologists are university-trained professionals who cannot bill through basic insurance.

Many supplementary insurances of health insurance companies have limits (per hour and/or per year) for services of psychological counseling and therapy. The Groupe Mutuel (as of March 2023) pays portions of a session without a doctor's prescription but with prior cost approval for psychologists. Atupri (March 2023) pays psychologists FSP (Swiss Federation of Psychologists) without a doctor's prescription and without prior cost approval. Individual clarification is required in any case.

The rate for services without basic coverage is CHF 180 per hour.


We understand very well that the term "self-payer" may sound unfair at first. Why are some paid for while others have to pay themselves? The significant difference lies in the severity: insurance benefits may only be provided if a diagnosable mental illness is present. Such a diagnosis becomes part of the health insurance file. Another difference is the involvement of individuals: for insurance benefits, a doctor must issue a prescription, and after 15 sessions, the prescriptions must be renewed. After 30 sessions, a prescription from a psychiatrist or psychosomatician is necessary to continue therapy.

Self-payers have the advantage that everything runs smoothly and concerns can be taken into account that go beyond the services of basic insurance. This includes, for example, couples therapy; this is only reimbursed if a mental illness is diagnosed in both partners and it can be shown that couples therapy is the method of choice (before individual therapy). A complicated undertaking with uncertainty for insurers - we do not offer this in our practice.


  • Psychological Counseling
  • Coaching

Services in this area are billed at CHF 170 per hour.

  • Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is billed at CHF 190 per hour.

Neurofeedback has a different pricing model. You will find this directly with Neurofeedback.