Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling, Neurofeedback Basel
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Andreas Saladin

lic. phil Psychology & B. Sc. Medical Engineering

Couples Therapist
  • lic. phil. Psychology, University of Basel
  • B. Sc. Medical Engineering, FHNW
  • Certified Paarlife Trainer, University of Zurich
  • Couples Therapist

Life means change and development. Many people go through difficult phases in their lives; times that can be overwhelming. In my view, these are not signs of weakness but an expression of humanity.

I see myself as a companion for such demanding phases and want to provide you with the support that allows you to regain your strength, confidence, and trust.

I pay great attention to meeting you with unbiased acceptance and appreciation. Based on this foundation, it is possible to establish a supportive and healing client relationship. These are the values that guide me in my work.